An Affirmation for the Week

Dear Fans,

Life is about decisions, risks, and rewards. Without those three things you aren’t living at all, you’re simply existing. Existences is great for some, but most of us prefer to live.

With that said, do not allow the words of others to determine what you do. Your decisions may be reckless. Your risks may be too great. Your rewards may not be as vast as you’d like, but those are your experiences, not the one’s of your onlookers.

The peanut gallery will always have something to say. That’s their role. But keep them in the foul ball area, away from your view and swing for the damn fences. (I hate baseball, but the analogy was too perfect not to use.) Be happy! That’s your goal. Do not live to appease the people that don’t understand you. Live according to what makes your life worth it!

“Ooh woo, I’m a rebel just for kicks, now. I been feeling it since 1966, now.” — Portugal


  1. You are most welcome sir
    We all definitely need to grab a handful!!! Life is too short to just be temporally satisfied. Super glad you had the full grab opportunity today
    I wish you many many more yo


    • I didn’t necessarily have a full grab opportunity yesterday , but I am striving to make sure I do, every day going forward!


  2. This was most helpful and motivating blog. Thank you for this
    Good words and encouragement to start off the week. Hope they carry you onward and you fufill your happpiness and also continue to have JOY


    • Thank you. Sometimes you just gotta grab life by the balls and tug it down to your level, despite the people yelling for you to release those nuts!


      • The balls should be grabbed by both hands everyday! Thanks for the support!!! With a bit of help and thoughtful words, we can all tug at them to maximum efficiency.


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