An Affirmation for the Week

Dear Antlers, (hahaha)

Today kicks off a new week for those that follow the Julian calendar. If you’re anything like me, you might not be feeling like your regularly jovial self, right now. Well, I’m here to tell you that there’s some words to help with that.

“Don’t worry about a thing. Every little thing is gonna be alright.” Okay, those aren’t my words, but they still apply.

No matter what you’re feeling right now, all of it will pass. That sadness that’s nagging at you, that wrath that’s riding your back, those thoughts you are dealing with will all fade. You are okay. You’re a good person. We can’t all be at 100% all the time.

When things feel like they are becoming too much, just remember, the word “beginning” means nothing if the word “end” ceases to exist. And if that’s too cerebral, just remember, tomorrow will always show up later on today.

“You gotta keep your head up, but you can let your hair down…” — Andy Grammer


  1. Good evening Mr D.
    Thank you for these words of inspiration and joyous encouragement. Although this was not posted today, it was indeed needed for my life today.
    Sometimes you just have to look back and remind yourself of these beautiful words you have given here.

    I’lol gold these deep in my heart. “Tomorrow will always show up later on today”

    Simply perfect Mr D.


    • This post was so old, I had to go back and read it before replying. I’m glad you could find a little inspiration in this post. I was dealing with a little something when I wrote it, but it has gotten much better. I’m hoping that whatever your going through passes…and you’re made stronger by the experience.


    • I will always return to write some more! Even in death, I’ll be sure to push Thanatos off the computer so I can update this site for you…lol.

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