Christmas Time is Here

Characters NOT Stolen from Family Guy, By Jamale Davis

Dear Interneters,

I originally planned to take a break from posting until 2019, but today felt like a good day to write something. I haven’t been to work in a few days (Thanks to 45), so I’ve been spending time playin Warframe and Human Fallflat with my little sisters. It’s been a nice little break from the typical hustle of life.

This month has been rather eventful. I started a revolution at work for one day. I got super sick, twice. I got cussed out by a coworker. I learned I was getting sued for a loan I completely forgot about. And I didn’t set up any decorations for Saturnalia. Happy December.

I did have one good thing come out of this month though. As you guys can probably tell by now, I really, really enjoy writing stories. It’s been a passion of mine for over 2 decades. I think my earliest memory of writing a story was from fifth grade, Mrs. Jackson’s class. We had ten spelling words that we had to write sentences for and I decided to write a story, instead of the ten sentences the assignment called for. Now, I don’t remember that much about it, but I remember that two of the spelling words were “grimace” and “remnant,” and I, somehow, used those and eight other spelling words to write a fourteen line story about being at an Indian funeral. The PC me would use the term Native American, but the fifth grade me was oblivious to such concepts.

Anyways, I’ve decided that I’m going to quit playing around and dedicate myself to finally getting one of my stories published. My goal is to be published by December 31, 2019. Im currently thinking of some outrageous consequence to subject myself to if I fail in that mission, but so far, I haven’t come up with anything.

I have about eight stories already started and two more just floating around in my head. I am going to have to pick one and stick with it until completion. Or I can start a whole new story.

So, in the spirit of Christmas, I’d like to give my readers a gift. If you can think of an idea for a good story that I actually like by January 1st, I’ll not only dedicate all my time to it, but I’ll name a character after you as well and I’ll give a lengthy dedication to the person of your choice at the very beginning. Just drop a comment below, so we can kick this Christmas off correctly. HARUMBE!

Also, I hope everyone is having a great holiday season. I’m currently coughing my lungs out on a toilet, myself. How are you holding up?

Disclaimer : This is a post about real events. However names are fake as hell. The description of all events and incidents are slightly altered by the author’s imagination. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events should be considered purposeful and hilarious as fuck.

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