No Shave, November!

The TTR Truck, Forza Horizon 4

Okay. I realize the photo above has nothing to do with the title of this article. I made the TTR truck in Forza Horizon 4 to advertise the site while owning these scrubs online. Nothing like a little self promotion while having fun. If any of you are trying to game, my gamertag is TheJaeBird on Xbox One.

Anyhow, welcome to last month eve. It’s time to hang up the razors and let that forest grow! And I intend to do just that. If I’m not a full blown lumberjack by next Wednesday I won’t be happy.

And while you’re out there growing a woolly mammoth under your chin, arms, and scrotum (or lady scrotum) make sure you get out there and vote. A terrible amount of bullshit has fallen upon this country and it’s time you guys stop complaining from the couch. Get your asses up and vote! I don’t care if you’re democrat, Republican, or libertarian, take your tea drinking ele-donkey ass to the polls this month and let your voice be heard.

I won’t keep you guys long today so I’ll end this right around here. Make sure you follow us every damn weekday this month and save me some turkey breasts!

Yeah…this is a filler post. Just be happy I gave you something to read on the toilet this morning,


In the name of the moon, I punish you. — Sailor Moon

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