An Affirmation for the Week

I get it. You’re more than likely already over this week. You’re tired. Your feet hurt. The toilet was too cold this morning. You just want Saturday to hurry it’s ass up and make sweet, sweet love to you. Be fucking patient! It’s coming.
This week is nothing more than foreplay for you. It’s gonna tease you something fierce. Maybe it’s gonna piss you off a bit with long it’s taking. It might even hurt a bit. It’s damn sure gonna choke you a little bit. Just embrace it! You got this.
The goal this week is to embrace your inner masochist. You want all the pain you can get. Take those scratches on your back. Have that hair pulled a little. Tell this week to [censored] you right in the [censored] and make it [censored] because you fucking like it. Maybe even roll over and let it take a piss [extremely graphic shit that’s inappropriate for most readers and most likely illegal in some states.] Well…maybe not piss…but you know what you like and you know exactly what you can take. No safe words necessary. Time to embrace the red room! It will all be worth it on Friday evening, because that’s when things get extra spine tingling.
Saturday is gonna bring that sweet explosive release you’ve been waiting for. You might just get a little messy. And when you are all soaked and covered in peace and relaxation, don’t even clean it up. Sleep in it pig.

Harder. Harder. Way harder. — Roger Smith (American Dad) He was being choked by elves…lol.

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