A Mid-Week Affirmation

Man, shit! Can I even pull some positivity out of the air right now? I’m all but burnt out. 2020 has been at least three years long at this point, and it is whooping my ass like Kintaro on Mortal Kombat 2.

But I digress. Through all of this chaos and bedlam that’s going on outside, we can’t help but rely on whatever there is that brings us peace. However, I’ve been so far away from peace lately that I wasn’t sure if I could find my way back to it. While venting to my best friend this week, she said something that prompted me to write this post.

“It’s sucks soo badly bc there doesn’t feel like it’s any way to find a bright spot and enjoy the moment. But I’m here if you need me! Do something for yourself!!”

It may not seem like much, but that little hint of an invitation to pour my little heart out and clear it of all its dirt and grime was everything to me. My best friend, “Harmony,” was just the bump of cocaine I needed to energize and fuck this week into submission. (I apologize for the crassness of the last sentence but this post was suffering heavily in the humor zone. Prepare for more of that before I end this.)

So it’s like this. Find your “drug.” Find your bad habit that helps you escape from the realities of everything. Pop that metaphorical ecstasy and just vibe to the green and yellow lights of a beautiful mind. This planet is fucking doomed and we shouldn’t waste our time jacking off to the fires. Instead, just inhale the purple fumes and spend the rest of the time on the moon.

Now before I end this, just realize that everything I say is meant as a humorous metaphor. Don’t actually dull the pain of existence through drugs…on my word! Life is your own decision, not some wise internet sage who’s website has a name that he has to explain all the time. Do whatever you want, but be safe. Or don’t be safe. You’re grown! If you can use an internet, you can make your own decisions on safety.

Gotdamn this post was all over the place. If you want to unsubscribe, I understand. But don’t be a penis though. Just be cool and wait for the next good post. Shit.

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