A Thoughts and Things Thursday Generic Post

So…on this day, I’m able to post whatever creative thing is on my mind. Today was kinda busy…so consider this a phoned-in post.

Here’s some random shit I drew and/or doodled in the past.

So this is a picture of a guinea pig going to the market, while another one stays home. So at one time, I was kinda interested in doing children’s books. I wrote a really cute story for them, but the project never really got up and running. NEXT PICTURE!

So this was another drawing of a cute guinea pig. This guinea piggy ate pasta…obviously. I really enjoyed drawing that little guy. He kinda reminds of Little Critter from the old children’s book series. Again, this project never got off the ground. NEXT SLIDE!!!

Finally, this is a drawing of an anthropomorphic rabbit. I’m probably gonna do something with him, eventually. Who knows. He’s linked to a pretty dope story though. If he doesn’t show up again, you can still count on the story being presented one day.

Okay, post complete. Go away. Get out of here. Shoo!

“Shit.” — Jae Davis


  1. Those characters are absolutely adorable! I do hope to see more of these segment posts on Thursdays! Please continue to post your talents, though you may feel that they haven’t gotten off the grown, or took off, as long as you present it to the world, many will see your talents, your aspirations and they will soar! I believe in you! You are amazing!


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