Construction Zone

Happy Thursday, my fellow internet-addicts. I suppose you came here looking for your daily fix of pure, uncut, TTR. I can see you rubbing your nose and scratching your arms, just craving a dose. You need to “ReUp,” right.

You’re fiending right about now, right? You’re probably willing to take us around that dumpster and do something strange for a post with some brains. Maybe you’ll do something nasty for some content that’s classy. Perhaps you’ll do some teasing for bit of shit that’s pleasing. Well, we’re gonna have to disrespectfully decline that offer…this time.

Over the next four days, TTR will be in the war room, planning content for the remainder of the year. The full revamp won’t be up and running, just yet, but we are hoping to have a decent content schedule ready and maybe some new segments for you. Until then, you’re gonna have to call up your back-up plug to get something to calm your cravings. Don’t worry, we know it won’t be as satisfying or fulfilling. We know it won’t make you scream and arch that back. We understand that it won’t be enough to help you reach that climactic peak you’ve come to expect from the BDE leaking out of TTR, but we hope it will suffice.

Real content will be returning on October 21, 2019. Until then, you’re gonna have to pleasure yourself. It’s okay if you think about us or pull up some old posts to help you complete the job. We like that kind of shit. Damn you’re sexy when you play along with our innuendo. Mmmm.

“Is anyone else horny? Just me? Okay.” — Not Jae…Sike


  1. Site construction sounds like a heavy job but I am excited for TTR and I am anticipating what is to come. It will be sad and empty not to be able to get that burst of energy from your weekly posts until Monday, I guess everyone needs a break, refresh, revamp and construct a new….Can’t wait time read, see and get full of more BDE literature
    Until Monday …..Oh and I must say, the verbiage used on the entire post was hilarious and very creative. No one…I mean no one will provide us with this kind of verbial taste and majestic words, creativity and enthusiasm
    Just to say “Revamping this shit and I’ll be back Monday, Peace …lol “


    • Well…sometimes we are given a choice. We can play with words, or we can play with ourselves. Every once in a while, we’ll choose words…lol. Thank you for the support. We’ll be back with hella good content before you even have the chance to miss us.


  2. Well, I’m sad to hear that you won’t be posting until such a long time…lol The 21st of October is Monday, but I will be looking forward to what segments you all have come up with, in the recent days. I will miss these daily blogs dearly until then. Please, please come back! Thank you!


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