An Affirmation for the Week

I’m totally sleepy today. Yesterday I went and watched four movies at the theater…back to back. I was in the theater all damn day. I made it home before I turned back into a pumpkin though. So all of you fairy godmothers can relax.

But it’s Monday, and with Monday comes my Highly Sought-After, Critically Acclaimed, Pulitzer Nominated, Affirmation. Luckily, today I don’t have to pull one out of the creative corner of my ass. The movies I watched have supplied all the encouragement I need in order for me to bestow it upon my readers!

First off, do not be afraid of setting any new goals this week. You can and will complete them! If Gemini Man taught me anything, it’s that your biggest enemy is yourself, when it comes to getting shit done! It might be a younger, more agile, slightly lighter version of yourself, but that doesn’t matter. Beat your own ass and live your life.

Secondly, be yourself. Don’t conform to what others may expect of you. The Addams Family teaches that it doesn’t matter how weird you may be, or how much pressure those you look up to may place upon your shoulders, ultimately the best version of you is the one you feel the most comfortable in. So fuck those that will suggest you be who you aren’t! Blow shit up!

Thirdly, the world can be pretty cruel. People will lie to you. Strangers may hurt you. Crushes may ignore you. Outside forces have a way of trying to fuck up what you have going on. But the Joker teaches us to push through those obstacles by any means necessary. Find the biggest stage, under the brightest lights, and look your biggest obstacles in the eye and tell them who you really are and that they will no longer have power over you. And then dance off the stage into your best life.

And fourthly, don’t be a coward. The best ways to reach your goals and dreams is to just put yourself out there. Jexi teaches that the best way to stay miserable, is to stay in whatever cycle you’re in right now, and refuse to change it. If you want new things to start happening to you, you have to take risks. Go talk to that person you’re attracted to. Apply for that promotion or job. Go hang out with those cool potential friends. Put down your phone and do something, real!

I really hope you guys have a fantastic ass week. I know good things are waiting to be accessed, as the days tick away. I love you sexy motherfuckers and I’m going to masturbate to you as soon as I submit this for publishing. You think about that. You think about how awesome you must be to accomplish such a feat. Now get the hell out of here, you filthy animals.

“…duck, duck, duck, goose.” — CupcakKe


  1. Thanks for all those realizations through the movies that you have noted in this post. In essence, being yourself is the best way to live life, but also realizing when you do have to change from past or even current cycles is important as well. Fabulous post! Wow, 4 movies in one day at the theaters must of been a challenging feat! Glad you enjoyed them!


    • Yes! That’s the moral of the whole thing. Be yourself, but understand when it’s time to evolve that self of yours! This is something I’ve struggled with a lot in life. I finally nailed down the “being the best Jae I can be,” portion, but the “knowing when to evolve,” side is still developing. Hopefully, we all eventually stop being cute pudgy caterpillars and grow in butterflies with abs…lol.

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      • Questions: which of these movies were your favorite? Which are worth going out to the movies to see and which are best watched at home, when they are out of DVD? lol Or Red Box? Butterflies are awesome whether they have abs or not!


      • Wel, personally, I loved Gemini Man. It had the outlandish story of a good 90s action flick, the visual appeal of Avatar, and enough action to keep you invested in the somewhat jumpy story. I sooooo expected it to end sadly!

        Joker was a pretty good movie, but it’s a drama. It’s basically an exposé on mental illness and the affects a negative environment can have on it. Truthfully, it didn’t need to have the DC branding on it. I think it would’ve been better if it didn’t have any comic book attachments. Saying this character is The Joker actually takes away from the narrative in my opinion. I’d watch this one at home.

        Addams Family was cute at times, but really, really creepy at others. It actually mastered the task of being more creepy than the two (awesome) live action ones. It was enjoyable, but it was not worth the theater pricing. Watch it at home.

        Jexi was a lot funnier than I anticipated. However, B-list comedies rarely need to be watched in theaters. Some of the jokes were laugh out loud funny, which got annoying when theater patrons participated. Save yourself the possibility of not hearing a punchline by just catching it on redbox.

        I hope that helps.

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