Your Horoscope

Today you’re going to click on TTR with expectations of something interesting to read. When you realize that the post is mindless filler, you’ll consider closing the page. However, after realizing that the post is pretty short, you’ll go ahead and finish reading anyway because you understand that the 1 minutes and 44 seconds you spend perusing this won’t be enough to have a major impact on your day.

At this point you’ll chuckle in your own head, realizing that this post is reading you like a book. You’ll consider closing the page again, because you don’t like being controlled by words on a screen, but the black magic that has been woven between the sentences are going to keep hold of you. You both hate and love this. You’re complicated like that.

As your peripheral vision tells you that this is the last paragraph of the post, you’ll start smiling in your mind, realizing that The Thought Renaissance is probably the greatest thing you’ll come across all day long. You’ll also laugh about the fact that you’ve actually read this whole thing and your life hasn’t been made richer from the experience. You’ll then wonder why you didn’t stop reading after you realized that this post had the audacity to claim it knew your every move before you did. You’ll settle on the answer that “you just wanted to know how this shit was going to end.”

“Then you’ll read this quote and the name that follows it.” — Jae the Word Wizard


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