Dear (Your Personal Identifier Here) People,

I’m a black dude. Not sure if you knew that, but if not…SURPRISE!

Today is June 19th! In case you didn’t know, back in 1863 a little thing called the Emancipation Proclamation was passed in an attempt to weaken the southern military forces by declaring all of the slaves free. However, it wasn’t until June 19th, 1865 (2 Years Later) that the last remaining slaves were informed of their freedom in the great state of Filthy Ol Texas.

What does that day mean to me? It actually means a lot. I’ve never been the type to be bombastic with my afrocentricity, but people should know it exists. I’m 100% proud to be black. I don’t celebrate the 4th of July. Don’t get me wrong…I’ll slide through a cookout for a burger or two, but that’s about the gist of it. I’m not against the fourth in anyway. In realize the importance of the day to many of Americans. I just realize that when the US got that wonderful independence, my kind of people had to wait about 89 more years to hear about the concept of freedom. And then it took another 100+ years to actually start tasting it.

But I’m not here to bait anybody. I’m just here to say HAPPY JUNETEENTH to everyone that visits the site. I’m hoping that everybody enjoys their day and doesn’t do anything racist. I love you guys. Be good.

“Obama walked up and said ‘Yes We Can.’ I said I wanna ride your nuts, cause I think you’re the man…” — Will.I.Am via Boondocks


      • *laughing my butt off* Gas guzzler, eh? Well, please don’t drive over anyone’s kitty or toes, whichever presents themselves first. Dangerous vehicle. I love the imagery for this blog. Keep on writing!


      • I need to actually plan my blogs again. I’ve been pulling these out the deepest parts of my ass lately. And I do mean the deepest. I’m talking the area on the other side of the tracks. Nobody ever wants to travel that deep…lol.

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      • I want to travel to those deeper, innermost areas of your thoughts. You never know who you can touch or change someone’s perspective on a similar situation. We are spirits living a human experience after all.


      • So you want to basically do what Jennifer Lopez did to that serial killer in, The Cell? I wonder what interesting things there are for you to see in my mind!

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    • Lol…you should’ve commented “First and Only.” Lol. I’m pretty sure I’m losing followers by the day now. Your blog is so popular! I’m gonna have to provide some incentives to get you to move over to The Thought Renaissance.

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      • I want to move over to the THOTH Renaissance, because you have the talent of a Djehuty over here. I would like to come write and stay for a while, I like what you have done to the place. Please write more. You are the SCRIBE of my DREAMS.


      • Well the universe meant for you to have romantic words and the result was in you blushing…the universe is thankful for that blush. I’m very excited to see more thoughts and hekua from you. I encourage you to share them as much as you desire to share. I want to read them and know them.


      • I seriously wish I could do spells! Or…I’d wish to be a genie! I hope someone nice finds the lamp and wishes my freedom, though.

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      • Well, the rules are no pleading for wishes, you can not wish to be God, cannot ask for love or bring love ones back from the dead, i.e. zombies. There is also the rule that you cannot ask for someone to die, but perhaps the rules are sketchy on making someone ill…lol


      • Oh then that’s easy! I wish to have the power to grant my own wishes through my own words of power…yay! And then with my other 2 wishes…I wish for unfathomably good luck…and for your genie freedom…lol. Enjoy!

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      • You can grant your own wishes through your own words of power. I know I have asked for someone loving and kind as myself for some time now, and the universe has made it that they have crossed my path. Words of power takes consciousness, because what you put out there in the universe will come back to you.


      • I want to fly without the aid of machine or technology! I don’t see myself supermanning anytime soon!!! I need genie powers!

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