An Affirmation for the Week

Dear Ladies, Gents, and Non-binary Individuals,

It’s time again to start a new week! First let me say the the end of last week was a bit dramatic for me, but all of that went away because I got to sit in on an exclusive early showing of the movie SHAZAM! And I loved every single thing about it. No spoilers, but it’s the best movie in the DC universe right now, and be careful taking little kids to see it because there is a bit of language and some pretty dark and scary scenes.

Anyways, whether you’re sitting with your legs crossed in the bed, writing a blog on your phone, or at the gym working on your fitness, you have some great things coming up for you this week. It doesn’t matter what stresses, obstacles, or walls you have to destroy, you will be in a better place by next week.

I believe in you! I believe in everything you are, everything you can be, and everything you will be! Do not let fear guide those footsteps of yours. Walk up to your issues…and poke those bitches in the eyes. Nothing can stop you. And when you feel like you’re up against something you can’t handle, just say “Shazam!” and release your true power!

“SHAZAM!” — Shazam (The Original Captain Marvel) oh…it’s also said by the wizard Shazam, Billy Batson, Black Adam, and everyone else in the Shazam family.


  1. Sounds like a pretty good way to start the week, and a way to escape from the stress of mid week and life….thanks for the words of affirmation… now I’ll have to check out the movie when it’s initally released


    • It was definitely worth my time. I would talk about it, but since it’s global release hasn’t happened, I don’t want to give out any spoilers. But trust me…go see it when it comes out.


      • I most definitely will ….and once it’s out you should put more thoughts and your views on the movie
        …Looks like DC finna be on the map again


      • Fortunately, this site is not for reviewing movies. I’m a huge movie guy, so if I ever started doing reviews, I’d have to quit my day job…lol. But being a secret government agent is too excepting for that!


  2. I saw the movie Shazam this weekend also. It was charming and witty and had elements that the 13+ age group would adore. DC films have been struggling throughout the years to make something that is less dark and can be liked by the masses. This recent addition, Shazam! is I think, just the thing they need to convey variety, humor and still have a bit of a scary element. I’m looking forward to the next SHAZAM! movie in the near future. We will see next weekend how the film does when it is released internationally as well as nation wide. Thanks for sharing your thoughts on the film.


    • Yeah!!! Shazam! was really good! I’m curious how Black Adam is going to work though. If you saw the mid credits scene, that wasn’t setting up for Black Adam but a character named Mister Mind. I think Black Adam is gonna show up to fight Superman though. Superman is weak to magic so Black Adam has kicked his ass a few times. They could bring in Shazam to give Superman the know how and help. There was a animated feature based on those events.

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      • I’m curious as to how Shazam can beat a character called Mister Mind. I have to do research and look up more source material on Mister Mind and Black Adam. I want to find out the answers for myself. Makes for awesome adventure!


      • Mr. Mind is actually a hyper intelligent alien that looks like an ordinary earth caterpillar. He has a group of villains that work beneath him. He’s basically Gorilla Grodd…lol. But Black Adam is basically Shazam with all the power…except he wasn’t a child when he became a champion…he was already a warrior. Also…he’s been powerful since before the dawning of most human civilizations…but their power make them immortal. Basically…when the black Adam came to fight the wizard Shazam, he banished him to the outer edge of the universe. Black Adam has literally been flying for millennia to come back to earth and exact his revenge. Black Adam has beaten superman! However, Shazam has the wisdom of Solomon…so he has been able to outsmart him before to win the battles. (Hint: Shazam can say his name to call down that bolt that transforms him…and put black Adam in the way of it, turning off his transformation making him a regular human warrior again)

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      • Yes, I do like the villain Gorilla Grodd, actually, in my opinion, I sympathize with his character and are more familiar with the villains of Flash than I am with Shazam. As for the villains of Shazam, I look forward to the sequel to see the capabilities of Shazam and his foster siblings as they take on Mr. Mind and other villains in their universe. Thank you for your explanations and background content dealing with Shazam’s story.


      • Shazam wasn’t originally created by DC. His comics were very whimsical and kid friendly. When he was brought over into the DC universe, he was put on ice for a while due to low popularity. When he was brought back, Marvel had already started using the name Captain Marvel so they sued DC which resulted in the confusion of everyone being named Shazam…lol. Most of his villains are goofy style cartoon characters, like a caterpillar, an alligator in a suit, a scientist who’s because insult is calling Shazam “the big red cheese,” it’s all pretty goofy. In later years, they have been adapting him to be a more serious character. I loved the movie, so I’m excited to see where it goes next.

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