The Invite (Short Story Time)

A cool burst of wind buffeted against me as I waited for you. The Forest was dimly lit, but comforting under the moonlight’s kiss. I counted the breaths before you finally arrived, unexpected, yet invited.

You stumbled into view after years of moments had passed. A yellow tapestry of silk covered your beautiful brown skin, leaving only the mahogany glow of your arms and legs exposed for me to peruse with my eyes. I was lost in the maze of your skin. You shivered slightly as the wind blew between your thighs and I longed to be your source of warmth. I bit my lip in anticipation as I walked towards you.

Your Nubian eyes shined like quartz in the greyed forest. Your lips quivered as the cool night stole kisses from them. I followed your curves down to your bare feet, surrounded by grass and lily flowers. I followed the curves back up to your hand as I reached forward for you. Without hesitation, you reached back, silently asking to spirited away by me.

Your mouth opened to speak, but I stole your voice with a stare. You bit your lip. I turned and lead you deeper into the forest, deeper into my realm, deeper into me.

When we stopped I attempted to show you all that I could offer. I was your djinn, waiting to be mastered and beckoned at your whim. I kneeled before you basking in your presence wanting you to stay with me, in my realm forever. I quietly begged at your feet, mutely asking for all of you. Your answer fell between your feet, a single tear, shattering in the dirt before me.

Disclaimer : This is a posted story by Jae, the editor of this site. The description of all events and incidents are pretty awesome and fostered through the author’s imagination. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events should probably considered intentional.


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