Casting Call

My Mother in the late 50s

To my adoring public,

It has recently occurred to me that a certain mastermind has somehow deciphered the plethora of symbols and codes hidden around this site. A regular Sherlock Holmes, no Moriarty, has taken it upon herself to systematically pull apart my coding and identify every one of my characters as their real world counterparts.

Now I admit, I only put a 5th grade level of encryption on their codenames, but I did not anticipate anyone purposefully picking apart the system. Giving real world faces, to the names and characters of my story is not only dangerous, it’s boring as hell. And if there is one thing I don’t want my writings to be associated with, it’s boredom.

With that said, going forward, all of the situations alluded to in these writings will feature brand new characters. I’m going to miss Agatha the most. She was the only character I felt did real justice for her real life counterpart. I mean, if you guys could have seen those sour scowls for yourself!

I’ll also miss Penelopee Ridgeway. She gave me hope when it came to complete character development. She was dynamic and very multidimensional. Recasting her character does give me the ability to discuss some of her less charming traits this time around. There is much more to her than just being the next door neighbor in a cliche city set romantic comedy.

Other characters like Max Briggs, Keith O’Dirty, Demi….etc…we’re probably going to be killed off before next season anyway. I hope none of you got attached.

I hope you guys are as excited about the reboot as we are at TTR Productions, because we strive to supply you with quality entertainment and affordable prices at unscheduled, often randomly set times.

Here’s to another great few months…before we go through yet another revamp. Our owner gets bored easily.

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