Stan Lee (in comic)

Yesterday, on November 12th, this world lost a treasure of immeasurable worth. Stan “The Man” Lee passed at the age of 95, in Los Angeles, California.

For many of us, “Stan Lee,” has been a household name since it first appeared in the credits of Captain America, number 3, in 1941. Throughout his career, the Romanian-Jewish born, Lee, would go on to create and co-create worlds and characters that would give a voice to various generations.

He fostered patriotism through the pages of Captain America. He provided a multi-paneled view into race relations with the X-men. He offered a view of women that promoted strength rather than submission with She-Hulk. His stories changed this world. With the work and collaborations that lead to characters like Storm, Black Panther, Blade, War Machine, Falcon, Black Goliath, Ultimate Nick Fury, and Luke Cage, I was provided an opportunity to see a bit of myself in the faces of comic book heroes.

Stan Lee will forever be missed. This world was made better by simply housing such a titan of creativity, philanthropy, and talent. He may have passed on to another world, but he leaves behind thousands for us to visit at our own leisure.

Thank you Stan Lee. Excelsior!

With great power, comes great responsibility. — “Uncle” Ben Parker

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