Plug Wednesdays

C.V. and Neila B.

I’m considering a new weekly segment where I give a shout-out or two to people I have the pleasure of knowing in life that are doing great things. It’s a good way to steer some traffic and help a friend get a few more eyes.

With that said, today I’d like to throw a shout out to the podcast, We Here Man, featuring the voices of Neila B. and her husband and all around bad ass (multiple black belts) C.V.

We Here Man offers an in depth, often hilarious view into relationships and all the wonderful shit that surrounds them. No topic is considered taboo with these two. You will hear about children. You will hear about sex. Expect a range of topics from PG to XXX. I promise you will end the show with some real insight. I wouldn’t steer you wrong. Consider this, I chose the show as my first shameless plug of the blog.

You can find We Here Man on both as well as iTunes. Be sure to check them out if you really want to learn some things about yourself and your relationships.

While I’m doing this shameless pole-jocking, I’d also like to congratulate the hosts of the show on welcoming their newest bundle of joy into the world.

Now go find and listen to them talk!

What’s up, what’s up, whuzzzzuuuuuppppp! — Martin Payne (WZUP)

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