An Affirmation for the Week

You got this, buddy. This week should’ve taken the time to prepare for you. It has no idea what it’s in store for. You’ve been taken “W’s” all year long and you don’t plan to stop now. You’ve got your eye on the prize.

Now look down at this picture.

You see that guy up there, with his skin all golden brown like the perfect McDonald’s Hash brown? You see that hair? You see that boss ass loft apartment splayed out behind him? You see that red silken fabric falling gently in the upper right hand corner of the pic? You know what’s behind it? Everything that you just imagined I was going to say was up there. Good job.

You know who that guy is? You’re correct. He’s your spirit animal. I call him Scorpio The Warrior Coolman. And he’s inside of you this week. So you channel him and do what you know he’d do. You need help figuring that out? No problem. He’d “boss-move” everything with a 99hit combo, one handed. That’s how Coolman gets down. That’s how you get down.

So you and your inner Scorpio get out there and Carpe’ some Diem. Nothing can stop you. You’re all the way up.

Ride the tiger. You can see his stripe but you know he’s clean. — Dio – Black Sabbath

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