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Building off of what I said yesterday in the post, Blatherskite, I’m a huge fan of words. It’s so much more fun to say you “defenestrated” something rather than you “threw it out of the window.” Words are the ingredients that make your sentences gourmet, and there is nothing more decadent than those found in creative writing.

One of my biggest draws to creative writing is the informality. It allows you to throw out the whole rule book. We spend roughly one and a half decades learning the rights and wrongs of grammar, only to forget most of the standards just days after graduating. Take me for instance. I missed the day in advanced 4th Grade Language Arts that taught us when to use a colon or semicolon over a comma, and to this day, I still don’t know when to do it. But creative writing gives me the ability to tell Mrs. Shumpert (my 4th grade teacher) to lick an ass and that I can do what I want. It’s very empowering.

As a creative writer, I’m not bound by the persistent boundaries of syntax or grammar. I can circumvent formality in favor of a more whimsical outcome. Punctuation, spelling, and pacing become liquid at my fingertips waiting to fill whatever cups I lay beneath them. I can say and do whatever I want. Formal writing might read like–

“The rainfall tapped rapidly against the tin roof, begging for permission to enter the house.”

–while creative writing, my type of writing, could read…

“The storm forced itself upon the reddened metal roof with perpetuan audacity, attempting to enter the house without consent.”

The word “perpetuan” is not a word recognized by any dictionary, but the message I was attempting to convey still hit its mark. And that’s the point of this whole magnificent activity. As a creative writer, I’m not just able to create worlds, give life to characters, and defy reality, I’m also able to convey a level of detail that eyes may not be able to perceive. Just look back at the two sentences about the rain. The formal version explains what was actually occurring, while my creative version gives you the feeling of the scene. My words expressed a sense of urgency or danger. You can tell that the inhabitants of the house were not relaxing while the storm brewed outside. There is a certain sense of beauty in being able to express chaos in words that are more akin to my imagination.

But ultimately, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Not everyone likes figurative language. I’m certain I won’t please everyone with my writing style, but I believe there are writers and readers that can appreciate the way I expressed that rainstorm. Writing is magic, and the feeling I get when I cast spells is unlike any other. You’re not just a wizard when you write, you’re an all-encompassing deity that has the power to create everything and nothing in oh-so-many words. And that’s the power I want to wield every damn day.

Until next time…

“So long and thanks for all the fish.” – Dolphins that decide to leave Earth when extraterrestrial construction crews decide to destroy the planet.


  1. This is coming from a special visitor who wants me to relay to you that SHE JUST WANTS YOU TO WRITE STORIES FOR HER TO GROW UP WITH AND HELP HER LIVE OUT HER FANTASIES IN YOUR WRITTE WORLD. And yes she wanted me to shout that at you. Keep the fire kindling inside friend.


    • Awwww…I’m hoping that I live up to such expectations. As wonderful as it will be to create a generation defining story, I’ll be happy if everyone who gazes upon it enjoys their time in my realities. I hope that I don’t disappoint that visitor.


  2. Alright Mr Wizard …lol…compel us all with these magic words…. I throughly enjoyed the details of your story…it definitely pulls you into that world …it’s was a bit exciting and got me a little tingled lol
    I am looking forward to what the end week story brings…


    • Well hold on to your drink, because this ride is about to come to a powerful stop with my next post. I’m exaggerating. I have no idea what my next post will be about just yet.


  3. You can also set the mood, inform your reader or foretell of certain events you would like them to pinpoint throughout their experience in the tale. I went to school to study English to become an English teacher. I wanted to also allow my students to have a pleasant experience learning English.

    Anyways. Yes, I learned the formalities of the English language and even its origins. It is a culmination of languages from other cultures around the world. Some were conquests, others willing participants in the language we now use today. My favorite part of my higher education experience with this major was the ability to create whatever I choose, since I was already a writer at the age of 13.

    In saying all of that, I do agree that as a creative writer it is extraordinary to be able to take from your mind a scene and pair it with words and phrases that can illicit emotions from your readers. A very excellent writer can draw from the reader compassion, anger or outrage, and even make them smile as they continue on the journey that you lead, through words. Words can be powerful if you fix them in just a way, to even inspire. I love words! Ok.

    Thank you for sharing your intimate thoughts of what you love. This post was very entertaining, yet informative. That is my favorite of your drawings attached to this post. You are an excellent writer. Please post some more…why stop at a week. Give me some everyday!


    • I love how you wrote an entire blog post on my blog. I’m glad to see someone else enjoys words as much as I do. Written language is such a wonderful toy to play with. I can’t wait until I’m ready to share my passion with the world, though. I’m not sure what emotions my tales will bring about, but I’m hoping to entertain if nothing else.

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