Mwongo Mogu

DISCLAIMER: Due to an error, entirely on my part, this blog was posted prematurely. It is, in its current state, incomplete. Enjoy what you see, however more content and a few edits have been planned for this going forward. As per the usual, all rights reserved and this shit is property of Jamale Davis, Copyright 2020…blah blah blah…bullshit bullshit bullshit.

As I progressed in my studies of the Orcaar’mil tribe, I found myself enthralled with another deity, the Mwongo Mogu. Alternatively known as the Siren Mother, the Mwongo Mogu is known to bend men to her will while extending their life.

I’ve recently learned that Orcaar’milian deities are not necessarily categorized as good or evil. They also aren’t truly seen as gods. This knowledge allowed me to understand the Mwongo Mogu better. Rather than a goddess, she is often referred to as a “cowo.” There isn’t an exact translation for the term, but writings lead me to believe it may mean “peer” when spoken by others on the pantheon.

The Mwongo Mogu is a cowo of health and deceit. She is often prayed to for better health and peace of mind, which she grants almost indiscriminately. However, like the Shi’ra Laglo, she has contradictory, often competing aspects in her depiction. The verso of her being is found in her siren song. To gather her followers, she often creates false stories to grab their interest. Stories say she once convinced a follower that fire was comforting. He immediately walked into a bonfire and fell asleep. She allowed him to burn, only to heal his wounds and gain him as a follower through other quality of life enhancements.


    • Lol…this shit is not even finished and you enjoyed it? I’m so damn flattered. I’ll try to squeeze more of these out in faster intervals then! Thank you…I’m blushing now!

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  1. I must say, this story is interesting! To study this tribe and it’s deities….Hats off to you sir.
    I do also wonder how many more deities are apart of this Tribe! Where do they derive from! I guess that’s best kept for the researchers and ones who are apart and ones that are taken from the tribe members
    Must say too
    I haven’t heard of Sirens before nor what they are capable of! To live among them or even be near one must be pulsing!
    A life of a man to be taken while He is at peace or sleep! Damn! That’s a mad mean Siren woman!
    Some really cool thought provoking research you have hear! I’ll be looking forward to more of what you have found sir!

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    • Omfg!!! This post was not supposed to go live because it isn’t even finished! I’m working on the art work…and there was at least 3 more paragraphs planned! Ugh! That’s totally my fault though, because I sat the publish time for this morning, with full intent to finish everything for it, last night! I guess I’ll leave it up…and just do a live edit some time tonight or this weekend.

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    • However…I’m glad you enjoy the Cawa stories. Admittedly…these things tend to write themselves. I’m a big fan of lore…but the established mainstream stories are so old and cliche now. So I started making these based off of everyday observations. In all honesty though…I may actually use these characters in a real story one day. I’m horny for writing!!!!

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      • A horny writer huh!!! 🧐 interesting

        I’m sort of sad I couldn’t get the rest! But this was good and more than acceptable!
        I’ll be looking out for these more often and the other writing you post out!

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      • Horny…for writing! Usually the pervs only comment on my erotica….lol. But thanks for the compliments. I’ve been really slack on these for the last few months, since I’m working on outside projects and dealing with other issues. But I’m glad to have garnered a new fan of my little words. Thanks for following The Thought Renaissance!

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