A Completely Regular Affirmation for the Week

To Everyone Involved,

This week is actually going to be pretty easy going. You won’t really need to choke your way through anything major. If you do find yourself in a fight, it will most likely be with patience, itself. You can more than likely just put yourself on autopilot until you reach destination, Saturday.

Now I’m not saying every little thing is gonna be alright, therefore you won’t need any encouragement. I’m just saying that you’re going to make it through this, regardless of some colorful wordplay from The Thought Renaissance.

It’s like this. After you’re finished reading this, go outside and do a line of sunshine right off the porch. Snort a bump of fresh air. Shoot up a spoonful of hot enthusiasm. Just do whatever puts a smile on your face and an extra beat in your heart so you can go forth and face this super normal week.

Just like last week, I believe in you. You totally got this. You’re awesome…even when you suck. And that’s your slogan for the week. “I’m awesome even when I suck!” Sure, it has derogatory connotations, but hey, who doesn’t like a double entendre every now and then.

So whether you’re set to punch a hole in a mountain or staple a few papers, just know that you’re doing a great job, even if you’re garbage at it. I love you.

“Everything is awesome!” — The LEGO Movie


  1. *kisses* Thank you for the “I love you”. This will take me throughout this week. Throughout these anxieties and the madness that comes with the unpredictability of life! Here we go, Monday! The Thought Renaissance says I will succeed, no matter what you throw at me. Even if what you throw at me is my own negative self-talk…lol Thank you for this affirmation. I can’t wait to read your next post! Keep writing, always.


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