Flooded Thoughts

So I’ve been having this recurring dream for a while. In the dream, I’m older. I’m probably around sixty years old, but I think I look good for my age. I’m walking around what I believe to be my house with my pants rolled up from the ankles. Now, as many times as I’ve had this dream, I can honestly say that I don’t know shit about the house. I’ve never been in it before, but “dream me” knows exactly how to navigate it.

Anyways, the house is flooded with crystal clear water. The carpet, my shoes, the kitchen floor, they’re all visible beneath the twelve or so inches of water. I should also note that it’s night time every time I have the dream, but the world is coated in this beautiful silver grain moonlight.

So each time I have this dream, I’m either in a different room, or walking in a different direction. One time I was just sitting on the side of a large bed with my feet dangling in the water. Another time I was walking up an endless glass hallway towards another room that I never reached. It seems that the dreams are becoming more unsettling weird as I have them.

Last night the dream started with me outside of the flooded house. I was sitting on a red wood patio, which was also submerged in water, looking down at a garden. As I stated before, it’s night time, the house is flooded with crystal clear water, and the world is painted in moonlight. The garden was new. I’ve never been to that part of the house before. So the garden was…well…creepy. The flooded grounds were filled with the floating husks of busted squash (something I don’t eat), red flowers, and drift wood. The soil was dug up in a rough pattern with mounds and trenches peppered across the area. It looked as if a bear or something had had its way with a vegetable patch…and then the water flowed in softly as to not destroy the evidence of its visit. It was disturbing to say the least, but then I just woke up.

I have absolutely no idea why I have these dreams. I can’t see any significance in any part of the dream. I don’t know why my brain conceives these things. None of it makes sense.

I wish I could stay there, though.


  1. Reoccurring dreams are an enigma, but they are as perplexing as the reason why the universe exists. Thank you for sharing your dream. Tell me, why it is you have this dream? In particular, why in a flooded house? Subconscious giving clues, and is everything in the dream metaphorical?


    • I enjoy the layout of the scene. The whole emptiness of the house, and the clear water surrounding me…it’s like a perpetual sorrow that just feels like home to me. I can’t wait to return.

      But I have no particular idea about what any of it means. Maybe it’s more literal than figurative.

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      • Moonlight…little specks of hope…it may be more literal indeed. Also the way the dream is set up, it is less creepy and more soothing. Sometimes in dreams senses can be heightened…was there anything in the realm of five senses, other than sight, that you were conscious of? Was the water cold, for example?


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