A Comeback Affirmation

It’s been quite some time since I’ve provided some words for you guys. I’d like to apologize for that, but I don’t have the time. I’m creating this post under stealth conditions. The bi-cloptic guardsman is making his rounds around the compound but I’m tucked safely behind this box, writing to you guys. Basically, I’m at work, and I’m stealing work time to write this.

So for this long overdue affirmation, I’ll just say…EVERYBODY MAKES MISTAKES! Try not to cry over that spilled milk. Don’t shed a damn tear if you colored outside of those lines. And, this above all else, do not allow yourself to sink into depression over breaking that glass. These things happen to any and everyone. All you have to do is take a paper towel to wipe that up, turn that mess into an impressionist piece, and sweep those shards into the garbage.

So what, if you didn’t get that answer correct. So what, if you trusted that person that was lying to you for the past 9 months. So what, if you got to work late because you set your alarm for the wrong day of the week. Quit being a bitch, and push forward. Mistakes are like people, fuck em. They don’t mean shit in the grand scheme of things. You are the future, not them, they no longer matter.

Emotions are basically spells that are cast on us. Being sad over a mistake is just you casting a spell on yourself. Correct yourself, wizard, before you wreck yourself.


  1. Hahahaha….if is a mistake already, I wouldn’t count it as murder…but your call, your mistake! Lol

    I’d murder them damn things over and over
    Boil that spilled milk, add a dash of poison to it and serve it up on a Gold platter, then splash it in its mistaken mistake face hahahaha

    I know, I’m terrible right!


  2. This affirmation is thought provoking. I definitely believe that people are put into places of our lives for us to learn and discover things about ourselves that we could not confront alone. I’d like to say more, but thanks for expressing your thoughts that many of us seek and find hard to do.


    • People are basically events, with skin. Some build us up. Some tear us down. Some are worth the memory. Some we try to forget. But this post was about “mistakes,” not people.

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      • Dude, thanks for this…I myself have struggled with living with my own Mistakes and even in that, make more mistakes trying to make up for those previous mistakes….I will say, I’m super girlie emotional and overly sensitive, so I cry over it all…for me, that helps me move forward. I think its the full release of the ugly cry and puddle of tears I see what I’ve done, and then pull my big girl panties on, see how to fix me and learn from that shit!!!! Pick up and move ONWARD! Mistakes done, gone and learned from, cry and move on


      • Mistakes are bullshit, ain’t it? If I had a time machine…you don’t even know. I’d probably spill that milk, onto the broken glass, and feed it to another mistake…lol. But that’s murder. And that’s strictly forbidden under the rules of time travel. Plan ruined…lol.


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