The Shi’ra Laglo

The Orcaar’mil people of the southern Carolinas have a rich and varied culture. Rather than a typical communal history, they are made up of a collection of various tribes that eventually migrated to the same area in search of resources and social structure. Amongst their community, there is a series of mythological stories to be learned, the deities being the most interesting. The lore is unlike anything I’ve ever explored.

In the pantheon of deities found amongst their tales, none are as flawed or complex as the Shi’ra Laglo, the chief of the house. Once considered a warrior goddess, the people quickly learned that the Shi’ra Laglo was actually a deity of confusion. Her regal, often proud appearance was a false guise, masking a jumbled mindset of disarray and dismay.

This deity was said to speak with three tongues simultaneously, often both reinforcing and contradicting herself at the same time. Simple “yes or no” questions would often be answered over the course of days as the tongues of the Shi’ra Laglo would often compete with each other to speak, losing the answer in a cacophony of gibberish. As for her appearance, she is typically seen wearing an un-jeweled crown and animal furs. Her ears hold simple piercings and her face is typically covered in battle markings. Most artwork depicts her with four legs, two bovine legs in front, and two equine legs behind them, facing the opposite direction. Stories depict the Shi’ra Laglo standing proudly amongst other warriors, attempting to deliver pithy, rally-calling speeches, only to triple talk herself into deep puzzlement, leaving the masses confused.

She eventually became known as the Deity of Disorder. Her appearance in history is speckled with mistake and back-pedaling. Her subjects have been known to pray for clarity, only to be “blessed” with only more turmoil and bewilderment. It has been said that “to pray to the Shi’ra Laglo, is to pray for failure,” as her help has been seen as a hindrance throughout most of the pantheons history. Her followers often tend to simply do for themselves, as they deem themselves more capable without her “aid.” Unfortunately for her people, the Shi’ra Laglo has been said to often claim their efforts, as blessings of her own work.

“Beware the second tongue of the Shi’ra Laglo, it will always speak of nothing for most of eternity.” — Orcaar’mil Proverb

The Shi’ra Laglo and all associating text and images are property of Jamale Davis, copyright 2020. All rights reserved.


    • Thank you! I’ve always been a fan of folklore and mythology, so I figured I’d try my hand and creating a bit of my own. I’m glad you liked it. I’ll try and post more of these soon.


  1. This is creative genius! I am anxious for the next post exploring this lore you have created. The descriptions of the Chief is well imagined and recorded to produce much intrigue but not overdone. Thanks for sharing.


    • I’m glad you enjoyed it! Truthfully, I had a lot of fun creating the lore. I think I did a really good job on this deity. I’m inspired to do more with this character and the pantheon of gods that will follow.

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