The Work Husband (Romantic)

She fiddled with the closed laundry bag while the trainee waited impatiently. Her mind focused in and out of the task. The green threaded cord fought against her delicate thumbs, gaining the upper hand in each small battle. Her mind was elsewhere—about thirty feet away behind her. Her mind was in the eyes of her coworker. He distracted her without intent.

It was his eyes. She couldn’t help but see them in every mundane task she carried out at work. His mile long eyelashes followed her everywhere about the warehouse, beckoning for her to go near him. She would do anything to stare into those eyes. His deep brown mirrors reflecting everywhere she wanted to be—in his arms.

The bag opened. Out dropped a multitude of “throwaway” objects that held no significance to her. They were just obstacles scattered on a plastic counter top, meant to keep her distracted and away from “him.” As she slid each piece to the soldier, she turned to gather his visage. Broad shoulders, powerful hands, and a tall godlike stature made her weak—it was a poison she enjoyed sipping willingly throughout the work day. She bit her bottom lip as she reached for the next laundry bag.

She uncinched the cord. The subtle vibrato teased her finger nails before the next bundle of soldier gear fell onto the table top. As she slid it across the faux Formica, a chill ran up her spine. She could feel the unfaltering majesty of his gaze fingering across the back of her neck, pulling at her harp strings creating a sensual melody. He was stealing his glance. It was his turn to enjoy the unspoken session they were sharing.

He gripped his counter top and breathed deeply, crushing his imaginations to degrees she wasn’t allowed to know. He batted his eyelashes to regain his composure, waking back to reality.

The day dragged on as her thoughts danced around in front of her. With each opened bag she dug further into her thoughts of him. She unraveled each idea. She opened each consideration. She exposed every fantasy onto the counter top. She quivered at the thoughts.

As the last soldier passed her station, her angst peeked. She turned to find him—her moist, sensual thoughts still sitting on the top of her tongue. But her fantasy began drying up. The heat started cooling. He was gone and she was left behind. His shift ended.

She smiled to herself as the last few moments of her worked day ticked by. Her work hubby had left her unsurprisingly satisfied for the moment, yet still wanting. She couldn’t wait until Monday.

“I can’t wait to write a blog post about this tonight! I’m gonna romanticize that little exchange you two just had.” — Jae Davis


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