Reader Feedback Requested

Attention Readers,

We are once again making outlandish claims about making changes to Yes, we have made these threats of alterations three times in the past. No, we have not ever actually followed through on our promises. But this time, is different. This time…we mean it.

So I’ve actually toyed around with some design alterations, offline. Most of it is on the HTML5 side—changes like text sizing, fonts, interactive galleries, etc. But, now we are looking at a full blown overall of the look and feel of the site. We are considering some new graphics, color schemes, maybe even a changing title…similar to how the guys at Google do it. Nothing has been nailed in stone (I like messing up colloquial phrases) but we are homing to break land on this soon.

So that’s where you guys come in. You’re the readers. The site is for you. So, you should have some input.

What would you like to see added, removed, or changed, here, on the site? How can we make the site more pleasing to you?

Now before you go nuts and start making requests like “full frontal nudity,” or “less liberal commentary,” let me set some parameters for you. The type of requests we’re fielding right now involve things that can enhance the site experiences. Maybe we can add some poetry posts? Perhaps we can revisit some old tags and start doing some “Crunches My Cogs” posts. Maybe you want more educational posts? Maybe you want some culture things. I have a friend that’s a straight up fortune telling, black witch, that practices an ancient Asian philosophy. If you want it, I can probably provide it.

So, we are asking everyone to comment on what kind of content they want to read. Not only does this lead to more stuff to keep you occupied while you’re on the toilet, but it also keeps TTR afloat for months to come. And TTR likes to float. We all float!

“Hello, Georgie!” — Pennywise


  1. I’m going to go ahead and ask for almost themed days for what you’re posting bc I wanna see more science, more of your art(maybe some art challenges, and/or suggestions the week prior from the reader), also your crunches my cogs are fun and give me a ‘unpopular option for the day’ vibe…which I love!


      • Like every Monday we get an affirmation, Tuesday’s are learning something new, etc, etc., just so that if it’s maybe something to look forward to finish and if anyone isn’t into the theme that day then they know and can kinda chill until you’re posting what they like the most…


      • Oh…so…basically…do the same thing I’ve been doing…lol. Got you. Thanks for the helpful commentary…hahahahaha. Please don’t unfollow me for my sarcastic reply.

        But for the record, I want everyone to be interested in every post, every day.


      • We here at TTR, concur….lol. Actually, we have been keeping to your example of a schedule for just the last 2 weeks with Monday Mood Makers (Affirmations) and Teach’em Tuesday’s (Fun Fact Posts), but the remainder of the week has been pretty open platform. I completely agree with thematic postings. It’s basically a pattern, and humans like patterns. And nearly 100% of Renaissance’s were carried out by humans. I’m sold.


  2. Hi 👋🏾 Favorite blogger
    Thank you for the constant posts they are most delightful and best way to start the day. So I am really excited to see what you and fellow readers of mine come up with….if I had to chose what to add or change I’d have to request blogs of poets, old poets and some of their poetry, the history of it and of course some new poets as well. I enjoyed your stories of erotic happenings you can add more of those too
    And maybe a bit more of you’re own made stories….pull us into your head and world a bit more. I especially request these stories of yours with vivid details ( love love love ❤️ love DETAILS)
    That’s all I have for you thus far
    If I get more ideas I’ll be sure to post
    Thank you again for allowing your readers to give suggestions ….according to what you requested lol


    • Thanks for the suggestions. I actually got a good amount of requests for more erotica. There’s a lot of perverts on the internet. Who knew? Lol. Post old and new poets might be a really good idea too. I’ll make sure I take these ideas to my boss over the next few days.


  3. Yes, it would be great to make some changes. I’d like to see different categories for your writing, such as Daily Journal, Affirmations, Short Stories/Series, etc. I really like your short stories, those are my favorite and I’d also like the see the “Let’s Learn Something” which you recently started posting. Please keep up the great work! I look forward to all the new changes and even some color and your personal art pieces would be nice! Thanks!


    • Lol…you didn’t suggest any changes!!! You just said you want me to keep posting stuff I’ve been posting. Are you looking for me to have a set schedule for these categories? Are you looking for more posts? What sort of things would you like to be written about in this daily journal?

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      • Well, I am looking for more posts! A schedule would be delightful, such as every Monday or Tuesday you can post “Let’s Learn Something” segments, but instead of that title, how about “Random Shares” or “Sharing is Caring”…or you just come up with a name that suits your liking. So, everyday can have it’s own segment or category. In the Daily Journal, go ahead and play up something eventful that happened that day. Daily journal can be a weekly item, perhaps on Friday you can write all the odd or eventful moments throughout your week.


      • That’s kinda what I do already, but you’re calling for more structure. I guess I can take that in to account, moving forward. Any other suggestions? Don’t hold back!

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      • I’ll hold back just a bit…I’m pulling the punches. I need for you to recreate the world you had in place with Agatha with the show brows…I so enjoyed those thrill rides and those characters at the agency. Is there anyway that you could create a world and character/casting of that caliber?


      • I’m quite certain I can do that. I actually thought my posts about the day to day stuff at the Agency HQ was boring to you guys. I suppose I could revisit those though. We lost a lot of agents over the past few months, but their replacements might be interesting enough to write about. What else you got? That was possibly a good idea.

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