Who Wants to Learn Something?

Keeping with last weeks surprise hit of a post, I’m gonna attempt to share some random knowledge and teach you something new!

We settled on vocabulary in our LAST LEARNING POST so this time we’ll focus on fun facts. You can learn the definition of “hippopotomonstrosesquippedaliophobia” at another time. I’m certain you’re not afraid to research that word on your own. (Hint, hint.)

For our first lesson of the post, let’s visit ancient Latin language. I know this technically follows vocabulary, but shit, I’m trying. Most of us are familiar with the phrase, “carpe diem.” “Seize the day,” a motto for all people who strive for greatness. Few people know the truth behind such an exclamation. The phrase was used by The Cavaliers, a bunch of warrior poets basically, to pick up chicks. That’s right! “Carpe diem,” was a pick-up line. The cavaliers would go out on their adventures and when they returned home, they would attempt to have young ladies sleep with them by telling them to seize the day, while they are still young and beautiful. They wanted the women to stop saving themselves for marriage and “put out,” while they were still attractive and wanted. Yeah, the cavaliers were among the first assholes, according to historical documentation.

Our next lesson will focus on science and history. Cancer is one of the most horrible ailments to plague humanity. For those who aren’t familiar with it, cancer occurs when your body overproduces cells for some reason causing tumors, lesions, organ failure, and all sorts of problems. One of the greatest scientific achievements in cancer battling is chemotherapy. Many patients find remission a possibility after undergoing the procedure. However, most people don’t know that chemotherapy was originally created as a way to hurt people. It was one of the many, sick and twisted procedures created used by the socialist party of Hitler, the Nazi’s. It’s terrible to think that something that has helped so many people, was created solely to hurt so many people.

The Nazi’s, more accurately, World War 2, is also responsible for Fanta! Basically, the Coca Cola bottling company couldn’t get access to cola syrup while the war was raging on, so the manager had to create a new flavor out of scraps, and boom, orange Fanta was born! He used Apple fibers from old candy and whey from cheese makers. So if you love chemo therapy and orange Fanta, you have the Nazi’s to thank for it. (Disclaimer – The Thought Renaissance doesn’t not support, condone, or appreciate the Nazi regime to any degree. It is simply supplying verifiable facts.)

I guess for our final lesson, we’ll stick with history. At this point in life, you are more than likely familiar with the civil rights leader, Martin Luther King, Jr. He was the famous man that had a dream and got a “million men” to march on Washington DC. He was indeed, a great entity for change in the southern part of the US. But a little known fact about him was that he was not born, Martin Luther King. When he was 5 years old, his father, a pastor, traveled to Germany. While there he learned about the Protestant leader, Martin Luther, and decided to change his and his sons name to pay homage to him. Dr. King’s birth name was actually Michael King Jr.

Well I hope you guys enjoyed today’s class. Our lesson plans need a bit of planning out, but I’m confident that I have enough random knowledge in my head to keep these educational posts filled with content for months to come. Class dismissed!

“The next class will focus on arithmetic.” — Prof. Davis (Me, I’m pretending to be a teacher.)


  1. I need to stop drinking sodas immediately! Thanks for all this very thought provoking informational post. I love the randoms that you share because it is usually from universes that I do not tend to on a daily basis. The Nazi connection to chemo therapy and Fanta…That was the only thing that I had no knowledge of within the post. I will definitely look into that long ass word in the first paragraph because I am taunted with the wonderings of how it is pronounced, in the first place. 🙂 Thanks again and keep wondering…writing…producing and manifesting!


    • The soda comment was random, but very “intriguing.” And in the spirit of learning/teaching, you used the word “manifest,” incorrectly. To manifest is to become perceivable. I can’t manifest a fried egg, but a fried egg can manifest in the skillet. I can’t manifest a painting, but a painting can manifest upon a canvas. I can make or cook (or fry) an egg. I can create or birth (or paint) a painting.
      And I figured your smart ass was gonna know 2 if not all of these fun facts. I’m gonna have to ban you from The Thought Renaissance. You seem to know everything we have to offer, ahead of time. Hmmmm…spy!

      Liked by 1 person

      • Lol No. Just like information…not always needed to survive…I used to read encyclopedias, ever since I called my lil sis a lesbian in elementary because girls on the play ground was calling each other that word. So I like to know things, you do also. Perhaps I did you manifest incorrectly. Yes, indeed I did! A painting will manifest on one of these canvases I got up in here…and…and it will be one of a distant solar system. Perhaps another earth…? I’m babbling. Good night!


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