Ex Erotica (An Adult Theme Short Series : Part 1)

Apple Fruit CakieI found myself staring at him more times than I’d like to admit. He was insignificant in oh so many ways, but I found him to be remarkable. I’d often find myself watching his hands as he operated the heavy machinery outside. Even from that distance, the sweat on his exposed chest sparkled and glistened like gemstones, and I wanted each of them. I wanted the jewels he was ordained in.

I would watch him for hours from my apartment window. He worked for the state. They had been doing something to the water system just outside the neighborhood for weeks now. Everyday, the noise of the machinery would disturb me, and then his visage would ease my mind. His hands were always covered in those thick, gray gloves, but I could tell they were strong. The way he’d lift the manhole covers with ease always sent tingles up my spine. And the way he carried his pipe…mmm. I wanted him. I wanted all of him.

I knew nothing about this man. Was he crazy? Was he an escaped convict living under an assumed identity? Was he even interested in women? I knew nothing, but I wanted everything. I wanted to peel him out of those faded jeans. I wanted to bite around his strong thighs. I wanted to taste the sweat running down that fuzzy chest of his. I wanted to cling to him and call out while he pulled every ounce of pleasure out of my soul. I needed to have him.

Three bottles of moscato–that’s how much it took for me to get the courage to go out there and speak to him. He would often take his breaks near the neighborhood mailboxes, to drink his water. That was my plan of attack, check the mail while he was drinking water.

I took extra long in the shower. I wanted to be fresh for him. I didn’t know how things would turn out, but I know I needed to be clean. I threw on a pair of shorts and a yellow camisol. I’d always thought my skin tone looked extra vibrant in yellow. Hopefully, he’d agree. I added a hit of matte lipstick to pull the whole “I’ve just been lounging all day but I’m still cute” look together and then I was out the door.

My flip flops clapped for me as I walked down the building steps. I couldn’t help but think dirty thoughts as the sounds echoed through the corridor. “Clap, clap, clap.” I smiled at the imagery.

Outside was quiet. There wasn’t much through traffic in the middle of the day so the only ambient noise was the sound of leaves rustling. The heavy machinery was still. The workers were on a break. I had timed it perfectly. I walked speedily to the edge of the property, rounding the corner until the mail boxes were in view.


He wasn’t there. Mission failed. All of the filthy ideas I had about him were for nothing. I spent the greater part of the morning, turning my self on for him to be a “no-show.” I could’ve soaked a couch with the debauchery flowing through my mind and he decided to stand me…he stood me up.

For a split second I wanted to find him and scream at him. I wanted to find out who’s house he was spending his breaks at. I wanted to know who’s legs he was between. Who was he stroking? Who did he have the audacity to be with, while I was standing there waiting for him?

I started shaking. I was mad at a man I had never met for missing a date he didn’t even know about. I grabbed my mail out of the box, crumbling the white envelopes in my hand. “This mother…”

“I’m sorry?” My words came to an abrupt end at the sound of his thunderously deep voice. I turned and stood in the shadow of “him,” my man, his chest glistening glistening in my eyes, and his eyes looking right at my chest.

To Be Continued…

Wanna jump right to chapter 2? CLICK HERE!!!


DISCLAIMER : Jae is not, nor has he ever been into guys. He understands that some guys are handsome, but he has never had a craving for a man to come to his home and “dig him out.” This story was written for a challenge from someone he really cares about, but if you get your rocks off while reading it, you’re totally welcome. Just leave a comment and tell us all about it.

With that said, this is an original piece of fiction created and copyrighted in 2019 by Jamale Davis. All rights are reserved by him.


  1. This short, just from reading part one…lord you’re doing your thang. The attention to detail and the imagery, really builds the scene in the readers mind. Almost like looking through the main characters eyes. Beautifully written. Well…on to part two!

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    • Well thank you! Becoming a published author with a variety of genres is my goal in life. Erotica is not my first choice, and I’ve literally never read anything beyond an excerpt of two of it in the past. I’m just trying to see what I’m capable of and to see if readers find my style of writing enjoyable. Thank you for your commentary. This really gives me the confidence boost I need.


  2. I always stay up to date with your posts(never commenting), but I have to say I’m very happy that you’re posting your original stories. Great part I!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Wow, thank you so much for the support. That truly means a lot to me. Today I was feeling like I only had about three readers of my posts. It’s nice to know I actually have four!

      I’m a little embarrassed that you chose to comment on this post out of all the others. This is a bit of a departure for me, and I’m planning to take it to a very, very adult place. I hope you still visit afterwards…lol. Just disinfect the computer or mobile device after reading. I’m sure it will be fine. ^_^

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    • Oh yeah…if you’re such a fan of the content on here…please follow TheThoughtRenaissance.com…and share us with your friends. Help me get a fifth reader…lol.

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    • I never said the person I cared about was a female…lol. You shouldn’t assume things…lol. And truthfully, my female character is nothing like the person that challenged. They use a few of the same catch phrases though…lol. I just hope everyone enjoys the story and that they get all aroused for the stories to cum…I mean come.

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  3. I just read it again. lol You are an inspiration. Keep sharing with the world, make your presence known and felt with your words! Sir…the three bottles of Moscato would have put her to bed…lol Some people may need liquid courage to take care of their business, but the best fun is made sober…lol Thanks again for the share…You are an inspiration.


    • Lol…see!!! I am not a woman, especially not a horny one! I don’t even drink moscato, I just think it has a sexy name. How was I supposed to know it would typically put someone to sleep in those volumes?! It’s like, less than 5% alcohol, isn’t it? It’s practically grape juice…lol.

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  4. I’m so excited to see that you have posted an erotica piece. I have been waiting for this for so long and I am proud of you and your work! In the future, for these particular posts, I want to be the first reader if possible. You are very talented and you need to share your vision and labors to the world.

    Now for the details. The main character is giving me vibes of almost every scenario that has either played in my life or those women closest to me. I enjoyed the main character even musing about hearing her own shoes clapping on the floor while thinking thoughts of her dream man. I saw all of that. Make me see every move of this character. I dare you to…Thanks for taking the challenge to write this story and the many challenges I look forward to read and enjoy thoroughly.


    • Well this is a very positive comment and I have to admit, I am smiling! I’m glad you enjoy the story so far. I originally had some pretty filthy phraseology mixed in, but I felt it was too soon for that. The next chapter will be rated XXX, I promise. Following that, the chapters may vary in nature. I hope you stick around for the ride though. It’s gonna be pretty hot, sticky, wet, thick…and whatever other cliche sex adjectives I can throw on to keep you enticed…lol. Welcome to Erotica by Jae!
      I feel like my story will be a lot hotter when I write one from a male perspective…lol.

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