Russian Roulette

Dear Wonderful Human Type Creatures,

I fear I have lost my way. I’m stumbling through a blackened wood of uncertainty, with only regret lighting the way like an unreliable torch, flickering and throwing shadows all around. It’s a bit cold. I have no sense of direction. But the worst part of all this is that I don’t think I ever knew where I was headed.

I’ve always been the type to believe I can figure out the answer to any problem if I’m given enough time. There is no puzzle or quandary that I can’t solve if given enough time. But recently, I came across a question that stumped me.

“If you’re stuck in the pathway of an unrelenting force but your back is against an immovable object, how do you survive?”

Is your mind blown yet? I mean….reread that shit! How the hell of you answer it? I unpacked the shit out of that question, trying to pull it apart with my SmartAss Toolset, complete with interrobangs, but damn…it really had me scratching my noodle.

If something is moving at you without stopping and you’re up against something that’s not moving…and you’re stuck right there in the middle…how do you make it out?!

It took me a minute but I finally figured it out. Most of us spend our time looking at the question, trying to find a favorable outcome. And that’s the flaw. In that scenario, there is no survival.

Nobody : If you’re stuck in the pathway of an unrelenting force but your back is against an immovable object, how do you survive?

Me : You don’t.

No matter how you look at it, sometimes the outcomes of things do not turn out favorably. Some equations just happen to equate to a negative. We can dance around the 5 empty chambers in the gun, but it’s still possible that when the spinning has stopped, that 6th chamber with the bullet ends up being the one sitting behind the barrel.

What do I expect you to take from this blog? Just treat it like a fortune cookie or a horoscope. I’m sure it will pertain to some random part of your life.

“I’ve been considering things that start with the letter, ‘M.'” — The Mad Hatter


  1. Thanks for the insight into your thoughts. Every terrifying, outrageous, regretful, heart wrenching moment in our lives always seem that way in that very moment or moments. Take the positives with you and learn the lessons that are there to be had. Their is sometimes no answer to certain mysteries to life. “Why did this happen to me…” “How should I fix it and is it a logical fix”. Sometimes their isn’t a logical explanation to life’s uncertainties. Sometimes we just have to accept it for what it is and that is all. Again, thank you for sharing you thoughts and the dialogue. 🙂


      • You are right. We don’t get what we want, most of the time, but we are sometimes misdirected by our own desire…what I mean is, sometimes we do get what we want, but not in the way we would like, or even how we like it at the moment. I wish I knew more so that I can lend some wisdom or insight. Please do not get discouraged. Stay encouraged, stay busy with your writing or other things that bring you joy.


      • I need a nice lake cabin or beach bungalow to retreat too from time to time. It would be a good place to relax and write and just chill. Mmmm. And it better have a nice large comfy fan!

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  2. What have you done when other life happenings lead you to this question? I’m sure it is not the first time in life you have felt this way. What happened then, when you survived? When you got through it? Especially if you have lived a good bit of life, hopefully not in a bubble, you have been faced with situations whereas it stumps you and effects and sends shockwaves throughout everyone and everything you care for and attract. Well, you will have your answer, to act or not act is a decision that is made whether time allows it or not. Time, in essence is a figment our imagination it is not tangible. Situations like these will still come, go and past and will come about again in a later point in life. That’s the cycle. I think how we resolve things says a lot about a person and there is a level of courage that needs to be enacted. I hope you have the courage to not destroy, but to hold on to what are positives in your life, that throughout everything, happiness does matter as life is a constant ride of highs and lows. And the highs and the lows do not last forever. Keep in mind of that.


    • I wish situation were as cut and dry as that. “This is positive, the other thing is negative, so I’ll keep the good one.” My life likes situations to be as complicated as possible.

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      • You are also right about things being cut and dry, and maybe it isn’t. We can only live one moment at a time and not drive ourselves mad about what could be and what happens tomorrow.


      • Exactly! As Lauryn Hill once said…”it could all be so simple…” but I suppose my life would rather make it hard on me…lol.

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      • Well, know that you have some special forces with you to ensure that you land safely. I’m sure you have a great support system to help you through this difficult time. Hope is always close to touch and reaching.


      • What kind of special forces? Are we talking sharks trained in tactical warfare, equipped with laser helmets?! Oh my! It isn’t even my birthday!!!

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      • Special forces…lol AKA support system. People in your life that care to help you figure things out? People that truly care for your emotional and spiritual wellbeing? lol Life Logistics Services…family and friends. But I do understand though, that sometimes you can’t bring everything to your friends and family. People judge at times…but sometimes they can surprise you also.


      • Fun Fact : Sharks do not require the ability to think in order to eat. Yup…sharks literally bite, absentmindedly! How nuts is that? A shark doesn’t have to rationalize biting into the rib cage of helpless surfers. He just does! How Taoist is that? He needs no reason. He just is! Beautiful. Oh…all sharks are named Bruce to me…so…there’s also that…lol.

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      • Lol I know other fun facts that some other body parts don’t require the ability to think to do, but that’s for another post. lol I like how you created that into a Taoism. Philosophy within a sharks nature…pure instinct and besides…that’s a shark’s job. Also…what’s up with “Bruce”? lol


      • Yay!!! Another opportunity for a FUN FACT! Well, the animatronic shark that was used for the movie Jaws was named Bruce by the puppeteer! Also…the shark that lead the Fish Eaters Anonymous Meeting that Marlon and Dory attended, in the movie Finding Nemo, was also named Bruce!!! Also…save the pervy talk for my erotic short story posts, please.


      • Well, when I went to Universal last summer they finally removed the shark named “Bruce”. lol they hung a shark near the restaurant though, in tribute to “Bruce”. I wish I was on that ride where “Bruce” scared the crap out of me…but alas…he was strung up…


      • Seriously!? I loved the Jaws ride! When that fire came up…that heat was hella intense! Man…I need to go next year…I’m missing out!


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