Dear Bright People,

Today, I had to come to terms with dreadful revelation. Its something no writer (or wannabe) would ever want to deal with. My heart is literally metaphorically torn to shreds right now. If I was in the middle of a Starbucks right now, you couldn’t even fathom just how much I “just can’t,” right now.

I’ve been teasing updates about my book that I’ve been working on and I was really hoping to have some good news for you guys by the time March crept to its end. Today I’m sad to say, that there will be no updates right now. I’ve somehow misplaced the media that I kept the story files on.

I used to keep a portable flash drive for data like that, but I recently moved my books to a flash drive. Okay, so I watched this movie that followed these hackers and they used this dope ass term called “air gap.” Basically it refers to a computer that isn’t connected to the internet so the possibility of a hack is next to impossible. Even though I’m a huge nobody right now, the idea of losing my book to some online hacker was frightening enough to make me attempt a Lisbeth Salander tactic.

But guess what! I lost the whole flash drive. So I guess the hacker was existence itself. I lost my flash drive to existence. I mean, my home office is hardly ever used by me. My bedroom isn’t that large. At this point, the only logical explanation is that a worm hole opened up in the exact spot that my flash drive was laying in and sucked my book into another dimension. Hopefully they are good to the Cthulhu and whoever else might be over there.

I ask that you guy not fret, however. Although this set back is grand and very frustrating, I still plan to meet my goal of becoming published by the end of the year. I still have some super early, unfinished drafts of some of my books and ideas, so maybe I can do something with that. Anansi be with me! Wait, he may be the deity of knowledge of all stories, but he’s also a trickster. He could’ve taken my drive too. (Sneaky spider man.)

“Stories in your head, never get read.” — My Younger Brother


  1. I know it totally sucks that you lost all those creative thoughts, plots and twists for your book, but sometimes things happen, and may change the direction as to where you can take the book on now. Gather what you do have and even use your memory of certain settings and aspects that you wanted to create and share with the world. I believe in you. I know you are an excellent writer, one of the best I know in person.


    • Thank you for that. It’s so frustrating though, because one of those books was several chapters in, but now the only version I can find is only a single one…and none of the descriptive rewriting is there. It’s like I’m truly starting from scratch. But, I’ll take this as a challenge and try to bring forth a best seller from the ashes of the old draft like a newly formed Phoenix!

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      • I’m worried I won’t make my December 2019 goal of completion now. Having to start over, going back to school, and all of the other things going on in my life, completing this book is going to be quite an endeavor.

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      • I’m trying! A full time, hostile battlefield of a job, attending school, maintaining a healthy work life balance, all of this stuff starts to add up and eat up every hour of my day. I completely skipped an assignment that was due yesterday because I just didn’t have enough hours to do everything that I needed. Life is hard…lol. But thank you so much for the support.

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      • I understand. That’s a lot, yes but you can manage your time and put in a little writing a day. Let’s for example say, you can work out your schedule to do at least 30 minutes to an hour a day. That would amount to a lot by the end of the week and imagine a month. Just set realistic goals, if you can. I know you will find a way in all of this.


      • Yeah, I’m actually toying around with scheduling right now. I just starting going back to school for a computer science degree. I’m not sure if I’m even into it anymore. Everything in my life is so chaotic right now. It’s hard to find enough time to dedicate to anything. I’m trying to stay positive, but it’s actually kind of hard right now.

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      • Yes, chaos kinda is a part of this reality or realm of duality. Nothing or everything can’t be the same or stable all the time and we must accept it in order to not fall fully prey to depression and other mental maladies. Look, first off, don’t look for anything to be perfect, work out what you can with your scheduling and I know that things will fall into place when you discover that not all changes are negative ones, but positive changes in steps to your happiness. Nothing is perfect and it never will be. Accepting that will help you overcome the hurtles.


  2. Hi Jae. It’s my first time visiting here…but the title of your post caught my eye. And I am really sorry to hear about your loss…I wish you all the best with reclaiming your book from the nether :).


    • Thank you for your kind words. I was a bit distraught when I considered the sheer amount of creativity that disappeared in a puff of smoke, but I’m certain I can recover and come back with a literary vengeance. I hope the site was appealing enough to bring you back again.

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